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We provide dedicated resources with industry expertise across all departments so our customers can feel confident about partnering with 8th Avenue Fruit & Nut. With superior customer service and fill rates, plus fast, responsive commercialization, we’re here for you.


We take pride in offering the highest quality of fruit and nuts in the retail space. Being customer centric, we make it about you, the retailer and ultimately the consumer. We provide a portfolio that delivers on quality, taste and experience.


Want to expand your brand in the Fruit & Nut category? 8th Avenue Fruit & Nut can work with you to make it a reality.


Looking to add Fruit & Nut flavors to your existing products? Our ability to customize and deliver on the right ingredient mix is a great asset.


8th Avenue Fruit & Nut has over 20 years’ experience as an export supplier. Our extensive knowledge in export regulations is why our Fruit & Nut can be found across the globe.


We offer a variety of Fruit & Nut products & package sizes fit for restaurants, hospitality, schools, healthcare, and military.
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& Safety

Throughout our manufacturing process, we have processes and programs in place to ensure you get the best quality. 8th Avenue has a rigorous approach to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance for ready-to-eat foods, plus continuous employee safety and quality training. We have raw material testing protocols in place, as well as supplier approval programs and effective sensory training.

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The feeling of pride you get when you see something you made being used to nurture the community around you is something you can’t replace. That’s what 8th Avenue Food and Provisions can do for you!

We are not only passionate about the products we make but we also take pride in what we do! We believe it’s what’s inside that counts. Whether it’s inside our packaging or inside our facilities, you’ll find carefully chosen ingredients and people working together to make the best products possible.

We’re looking for you! Come explore our exciting opportunities to see how you can join our growing team!

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